BUILD NEW OR RENOVATE? Advice From Our President & Founder 

Devon Krukiewicz

Buying an existing home with the intention to renovate later is probably the fastest way to own the roof over your head, but it may serve your long term goals much better by starting at the beginning and designing your home to best fit you.  Blue River Building exists because of a steady stream of renovations and additions, and we are proud of the reputation we have built by doing that kind of work.

Updating the home you are in, can sometimes be the only option you have. But I will say that it’s guaranteed to be much more expensive. Your money will go so much further using modern building science and state of the art craftsmanship. There is no doubt that you can polish an old home into a prince, it will just cost more time and treasure to get there. When you build a home from the ground up, the realm of possibilities are never ending. Being a builder and designer, I realize the importance of making a home that takes care of you and your needs. I focus on quality, efficiency, comfort and aesthetics. We want to give you the home of your dreams, that suits your lifestyle. 

We utilize the best materials in key areas (such as weather proofing) so you can get the most out of the money you spend. The beautiful thing is in most cases what is best for your investment, is actually better for the planet, your time, and your quality of life.  There is a best practice for either decision, but building new can get you the best results.

The biggest obstacle when you build new, is the wait time to move in. Depending on the size and complexity that could take 6-14 months, but for most of us, buying a home is the single biggest investment you might ever make, and it makes sense to do everything available to ensure your money retains its maximum value. After all it is an asset, right? The things that are best for returning value in your home requires building with better design, better materials for better reasons.

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